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Maintenance of the body



For back and spine problems

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Welcome in the world of Yumeiho!

Yumeiho Massage is an oriental massage technique that strives to achieve and maintain the balance and harmony of the body. The father of the method is professor Masayuki Kotsuban. Yumeiho is a complex method to reestablish and maintain bodily symmetry and harmony by applying pressing and kneading techniques, as well as joint-stimulating energetic elements all over the body. The massage activates the self-healing elements of the body that prevents it from becoming ill. Its origin goes back to the shaolin era, where it was initially used to increase physical and psychical capacity of body and mind. Today – apart from its ancient function – it is frequently used in locomotion therapy and cardiologic treatments. This thousand-year-old healing massage technique is usually applied onto the dressed body on a special rubber mattress called tatami.

Back and spine problems

Recommended for seated workers, for athletes to overcome joint junctures resulting from overexploitation. Good results can be used for back, waist, hip, foot, shoulder and neck pains or headaches, as well as maintenance mistakes prevention and correction.

Joint problems

Its primary purpose is to balance body structure and restoring symmetry, primarily locomotor complaints (joint and spinal problems), solitary problems of the  pelvic sytem (eg after delivery)

Maintenance of the body

It loosens tight muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic circulation and increase metabolism. It promotes in the body the energy flow restores the symmetry of the body.

"Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health!"

Arthur Schopenhauser



The founder of Yumeiho

Saionji Masayuki

The history of Yumeiho Massage is about 1600 years old.

In China monks living and studying in a monastery of the Shaolin Valley used this method as part of the Chuan Fa (kung-fu) technique to maintain and restore their physical and mental balance.

In this monastery, learned the Japanese master Suichi Ohno between the two world wars, who later returned to his home country and began to apply this technique.

He was taught by Saionji Masayuki, who with his many exercises and constant observation of his pacients, finally developed the form of movement.

Based on his experience, he later created the theory of massage and named the method as Kotsuban Yumeiho. The creator of Yumeiho was Master Saionji Masayuki.

History of Yumeiho

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