The History of Yumeiho

Short introduction of Yumeiho

Yumeiho is one of the Oriental massage techniques. Organic kneading with complex symptomatic and energetic elements designed to maintain or restore the symmetry of the body and thus its harmonic function.

The creator of today’s form of yumeiho, prof. Saionji Masayuki used this technique both for prevention and healing. The aim of the therapy is to re-symmetry the asymmetric and therefore disharmonious human body, thus activating the self-healing powers and preventing the disease and promoting the healing of the already developed diseases.

As far as its field of application is concerned, yumeiho is widely used: it was originally used to enhance the physical and psychological performance of shaolin martial arts, and nowadays it is used in the treatment of musculoskeletal and internal diseases. As it aims to harmonize the body and increase self-healing capacity, it is not only suitable for supplemental but also for base therapy.

Yumeiho is used primarily to treat musculoskeletal complaints, but Professor Masayuki has treated all kinds of illness successfully in Tokyo. (Experiments in patients with heart disease in Lithuania have shown that the condition of patients has been significantly improved by the treatment.) The range of applications is wide: it includes the enhancement of sports performance as well as prevention of illnesses and the curing of problems in both motion and internal organs.

Execution in a dress (thin, cotton, pajamas-like dress), the treatment site is on the floor tatami. Technically firm: not only the exact design of the catches, but also their order is determined. The accuracy of catches is essential. Given that yumeiho is designed to harmonize the body, the mode of application or the catches are not dependent upon the particular disease. When we handle it, the patient’s static status determines the body weight center theory (see later).

Theoretical Background

The human body is asymmetric. Examining even parts of the body, asymmetry is found everywhere, which is acceptable to a certain degree. There are two forces affecting the body of all human beings. One is gravity; the other is the force that holds the whole structure against it.

These two forces meet “around” the hip bone area creating a critical pressure point, which can cause the dislocation of the two “si” joint in the backbone.

What does exactly it mean? It means the alteration of the static and dynamic state of the back that muscles try to compensate. Some parts become overstressed, will therefore overdevelop, while others will act just the opposite. Overstressed muscles will have less chance to relax, causing stiffness.

Due to its imperfect state, blood supplement of the cells will deteriorate causing muscle ache and stiffness.

Most of the back problems of our present days are simply the symptoms of overstressed back muscles. It can also effect the functioning of the internal organs, as well as the energy channels of the body. Yumeiho helps to release these stress points in order to achieve the ideal blood and energy circulation of the body.

The Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy

We are compelled to live in modern, highly – civilized society. We are also developing stress, and suffer shortage of exercise, and irritation like captive animals.

When hipbone displacements occur, what must be done. Nothing but correct the displaced hipbone and recover the balance of oae’s whole bone framework and muscles. The Natural Yumeiho Therapy, or Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is a secret that brings displaced hipbones back to normal, revives the life force inherent in mankind, and then heals illnesses. It is a cause therapy. It differs from the symptomatic treatment that deals only with symptoms of diseases. However, diseases arise from imbalances in the body. It is more important than anything else to reinvigorate the natural healing power (life force) that strives to correct the imbalances. This eventually heals the diseases.

More precisely, the Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is a remedy consisting of the Corrective Method and the Kneading Method. They are aimed principally at correcting the displacement in the whole bone framework, including the hipbones, Articulatio Coxae and the Vertebrae, by removing tension or stiffness in the whole muscles and their connective tissues so that they are softened to allow the joints to expend the fullest extent.

Balance of the body

Diseases arise from imbalance in the body. Human body has a natural function that strives to correct the imbalance, and this is the self-healing power, or life force. This power, once lost, will make it impossible for a man to contain his disease, allowing symptoms like pains to surface. It becomes very important for him to bolster his reduced self-healing power somehow.

The Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is the way to reawaken such power and improve its voltage, which leads to curing disease.


The Yumeiho therapy not only corrects the bad hipbones, but also affects the muscles. It is something more than simple massaging.

massage and tapotement techiques involve rubing work only. The Yumeiho Therapy adds vertical pressure on a certain point to the rubbing work – Kneading and this is a major characteristic of the therapy.

It also promotes blood circulation, and restores the elasticity of muscles, thus making it easier and more effective than otherwise to correct displacement in the bone framework. This synergism is one if the features of the Yumeiho Therapy

Yumeiho therapy has also been used institutionally since 1983 at the international institute for practical preventive medical science in Tokyo, where patients suffering from muscle and joint diseases are successfully cured. (Scoliosis, herniated disc, sacrum, hip pain, etc.)

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